Cities of Hope / street art / by Aeroplane

This weekend saw the completion of ‘cities of hope'; a street art convention which lasted for nine days and brought more colour and awareness into Manchester. The project was developed by 'Vestige' a not-for-profit social justice organisation, involving nine international street artists and locally based charities to express and bring attention to nine global issues.

Artists participating were:

Case – disability
instagram: case_maclaim

Axel Void – existentialism

C215 – homelessness

Faith 47 – gay rights

Hyuro – war children

Martin Whatson – the environment

Nevercrew – immigration, integration and supporting refugees

Phlegm – sustainability    
twitter: #phlegm

Pichiavo – conflict

Dale Grimshaw (as special guest) – globalisation and conflict

Also featured are many well-known names:
Mateus Bailon, Jay Sharples, Nomad Clan, Akse and Tankpetrol covering the theme of ‘iconic Manchester'.

For more information, check:

On the final day of the project, Manchester had turned into a treasure hunt. From families to professional photographers, everyone was seeking out the new street arts in town. 

Here's what we found…