Scent and texture - 100% hotelshow / by Aeroplane

A couple of months ago, we found ourselves once again in the Greek capital and for the first time at the 100% hotelshow. We have a lot of experience working with hotels, and we're always interested in anything new, so we didn't lose the opportunity for a visit.

What caught our eye was on the exhibition stand of 'Asset office interiors' > We were pleasantly surprised with the vast variety of wall and floor decorative and sound absorbent materials on display. We chatted with some experts in the field which presented us with some pretty innovative solutions.

A range, in particular, called Organoid was fascinating and something we haven't seen before. They are made with all natural raw ingredients, ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured in the heart of Alps. The result is not only naturally looking good but also has a scent and unique texture. Amazing! 

Find out more about the products here >