Eames at the Barbican by Aeroplane

Some inspiring characters come and go, and some last forever. Charles and Ray Eames are evidently the second. Pioneers of plastic and fibreglass moulding or exposing the benefits of shaping plywood for helping wounded soldiers avoid gangrene; the pair were a dynamic team who developed our modern perception of design and architecture and helped craft a better future for us all.

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Educated in Bremen by Aeroplane

Last month we found ourselves in Germany at the Universum Bremen; an exhibition centre that, in their words, cover all things "Technology, Human and Nature". What took us by surprise was the lack of 'do not touch' signs, often seen in museums. The number of interactive machines and devices was staggering. The machines were safe but gave the impression of danger; especially while sitting on an earthquake simulator or charging a 'lightning' machine.

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Bubbles by Aeroplane

At Aeroplane, inspiration takes many forms, from sand to soap! On a recent trip to Lisbon, which is renowned for its art, music and culture, we found ourselves inspired by many things, but also something unexpected. Tourist attractions can be ubiquitous, but on this occasion, we were hooked by some cosmic-like forms making their way over our heads… Enjoy.

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